The worst campaign announcement ever.

11 Jul

Alan Grayson, the despicable ex-congressman from Florida who was responsible for the worst House floor speech ever;

and the worst political ad ever in which he dishonestly edited a speech from his opponent and current congressman Daniel Webster. Has now made the most reprehensible, dispicable, and worst campaign announcement ever.

I’m in.  I’m running for Congress.

I’m running because I promised Charlaina and Rick that I would.  Charlaina
called me a few weeks ago, from the hospital.  She told me that her husband,
Rick, was suffering from multiple organ failure – lungs,
kidneys and liver.

Rick was 56 years old.  That’s three years older than me.

Rick was a veteran.  But the Veterans Administration wasn’t
covering his hospital bills

Rick had had a bad liver since he was 30, when he contracted hepatitis.
No insurance company would go near him.

Every day Rick survived, his family owed several thousand dollars more to
hospitals and doctors.  And they had no way to pay

I told Charlaina how sorry I was.  And I told her that I wasn’t in Congress
anymore, so I wasn’t sure how I could help.

She said: “You can run again.”

You are the only person who ever cared about people like
.  Rick wants people in Congress who can’t be bought and sold.
Rick wants you to run again.”

A dying man wants me to run for Congress.  What exactly could I say?

Wow, what a campaign announcement. This guy is a multi millionaire and he
tells Charlaina that since he is no longer in Congress with access to other
people’s money, he has no idea how he could help them with their several
thousand dollar medical bills. What a tool he is.


One response to “The worst campaign announcement ever.

  1. Frank N Shadow

    July 11, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Seriously?? This scumbag can find the money to run?? I hope his campaign costs him every dime he’s ever stolen.. Nothing more than a slip and fall ambulance chaser with political Tourettes syndrome..


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