Happy Independence Day, Oikophobes!!!

01 Jul

Of course I totally knew what “Oikophobia” was before this masterful Bill Whittle video.  Yeah.

OK, I didn’t know the term, but it all makes sense. 

The British philosopher Roger Scruton has coined a term to describe this attitude: oikophobia. Xenophobia is fear of the alien; oikophobia is fear of the familiar: “the disposition, in any conflict, to side with ‘them’ against ‘us’, and the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably ‘ours.’ ” What a perfect description of the pro-mosque left.

I apologize in advance to those with whom I will now use this word mercilessly in the near future.  Hopefully it will be with some Oikophobe like Tim Kaine.  Or BarOik Obama. They love calling us xenophobes, homophobes, and the like.  To be able to toss a Phobe back at them will cause much consternation for them.

I can’t wait.

P.S.  And yes, I have been a Citizen Producer of Declaration Entertainment since the beginning.  Perhaps you should be, too.  I can’t wait to see The Arroyo. 

And if Declaration Entertainment can Disrupt The Hollywood Narrative, well, you know I’m in.

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