Community Organizer earns One Dollar on Jeopardy!

23 Jun

I watch Jeopardy from time to time, but tonight’s episode included a Community Organizer from Austin, Texas.  He was a middle aged, long haired and bearded cromag of a man who could have been on one of those Geico caveman ads. 

Just sayin’.

But his profession was ‘Community Organizer’, and he proved the depth, the knowledge and the expertise that Community Organizers bring to our society.

In Double Jeopardy he was well into negative numbers, but managed to scrap his way back into positive numbers at the end because of his knowledge of Mastodons, thereby allowing him to participate in Final Jeopardy.

He ended up with a dollar.

One dollar.

One hundred pennies.

Which I’m sure he’ll send to his idol, the Community Organizer in Chief.

I’m usually either ambivalent to the contestants and try to challenge myself silently, but it was GREAT to have a villain to root against.


Community Organizers are villains. 

Boo.  Hiss.

And I think that everybody gets a grand for making Final Jeopardy, but that’s an entitlement, not earnings.

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