Rick Perry Shows His Hand. He’s in.

14 Jun

To start tonight’s show, Glenn Beck used his magnetic chalkboard at the beginning of his show and ever so briefly reviewed the neckwear that the candidates wore during the debate, while placing pictures of all of the candidates up on the famous chalk board.

He really didn’t spend much time on the post debate analysis and quickly moved on to other topics.

It was a ruse to set up something else, but I didn’t know it at the time.

After returning from commercial, he and another figure were standing close to the chalk board with their backs to the camera as Glenn was making a chalk drawing of a framed picture of somebody next to the pictures of the candidates from the debate.

When he finished he asked, ‘Is that about right?’ Beck asked and the mystery guy said, ‘That’ll do it’, and then Glenn and Governor Rick Perry of Texas backed away from the chalk board, turned around and walked across stage.

And almost as quickly as Perry came, Perry left.

It was a great gag, well executed, best cameo ever, and a very clear sign of Perry’s intentions.

Perry/West 2012. That’s my current dream ticket.

Oh and click on the picture to go over to The Blaze and watch the video.

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