“What the F@%$ was that?”- Barack Obama screamed at Bill Daley…

12 Jun

…after Netanyahu publicly took Obama to school over the 1967 borders issue.

“Never again!!” He shouted at his chief of staff according to Doug Ross over at Director Blue.

Obama appeared agitated and it seems now that he was, as Doug Ross describes it, in a ‘narcissistic rage’.
One does not speak to the Emperor in that manner. One certainly doesn’t publicly disagree with the infallible Nobel Peace Prize winner who, incidentally, has started two wars as of this week’s action in Yemen.

Now it appears that this public chastisement will not go without retaliation because in spite of his conciliary tone at AIPAC, privately Obama is still pressuring Israel on the 1967 borders issue.

This weekend it became apparent that there is much to worry about and that the Obama administration has been playing a game usually practiced by the Palestinians, namely telling its domestic audience one thing and the negotiating parties something different…

The White House is pressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to publicly adopt President Obama’s view that Israel’s pre-1967 border should be the basis for future peace talks [stating it] was part of an effort to head off Palestinian plans to declare an independent state at the United Nations in September.

Is the American Jewish voter still in love with the President who sides with your enemies? He’s just not that in to you. He has a new heart throb. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood.


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