Throwing water on Obama and his Droids’ Circuitry

12 Jun

The imagery of throwing water on Obama and his robots is completely stolen from Breitbart’s last CPAC speech. Fizz, Pop, Whirr. I loved that. It’s the perfect way to describe when liberal/socialist/progressive automatons are neutralized by a splash of water and forced into total system failure by undeniable truth.

Anthony Weiner is suffering from water on his circuitry at this very moment, for example.

Fizz, Pop, Whirr, Sizzle.

Uh Oh. Big Trouble for Obama in Florida. Florida has 29 electoral votes and was carried by Obama in 2008, but their unemployment and foreclosure rates are outpacing the rest of the country and seniors are none too pleased to see Medicare slashed to finance Obamacare and don’t wish to be subjected to his death panel, which is causing desperation on the ground for Democrats in the Sunshine State. Look for more appearances from the faltering FIZZ robot POP president in the next year and a half. SIZZLE.

Biden told Obama that passing Obamacare was a big Effin’ Deal but it is becoming more apparent every day that it was a big Effin’ mistake. Because of Obamcare the Democrats lost 58 seats in Congress, multiple state houses, and governorships in 2010. I am totally convinced that Obama and the Democrats will lose Florida big time in 2012. And they know that. Due to their zeal to defy the American people, Democrats have created their own political death panel with a DNR order.

And still, Obama marches on with his ill advised destructive agenda, undeterred by the fact that the American people hate what he is doing to the country. He has destroyed the housing market, their investments, their jobs, their hopes for the future.

Meanwhile in Virginia, a state that the great deceiver also won in 2008….

Hanover County, Virginia Democrats.

Who knew they existed in the home of Patrick Henry? The County is 70-80% conservative. Hell, we even voted for McCain as a last resort, but it was either a vote for Palin or simply a ‘Charlie Weaver to Block’ vote, I assure you.

After visiting the Hanover Democrats’ website I was amused when they tell the story of a woman who came into their booth at the last local event, the Ashland Strawberry Faire.

“Ah! I can’t believe it! There are Democrats in Hanover County!” And then she stepped into the tent, smiled widely and took a deep breath and proclaimed, “It’s great to breathe Democratic air.

Obviously this woman is new to Hanover County because Democrat Air is overpowering in the summer in this rural county, where cows, horses and bulls outnumber people by a considerable amount. July and August will fill most of the County with Democrat air. Along with the resulting flies.

Also on the Hanover Democrats website are their ‘talking points’, an idiotic collection of bumper sticker sayings and blame Bushisms that stop just short of ‘I didn’t pee my pants. George Bush peed my pants.’

Tom White over at Virginia Right dissects their Democrat Air with extreme precision.

It’s a long piece that really can’t be effectively excerpted, so go check it out.


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2 responses to “Throwing water on Obama and his Droids’ Circuitry

  1. Lawrence Person

    June 13, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    I was wondering where you got the Democrats losing 58 seats in congress, as I’m pretty sure the count is 63…

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      June 14, 2011 at 5:40 am

      I was looking at American Future Fund’s ‘Losers of 2010’ poster, where they show the pictures of 53 members of the House and 5 Senators that were given pink slips last November. I’m pretty sure that’s right, but if you’ve got a better source I’d be happy to update the post.


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