He Died Peacefully, More or Less…BBC to Air Assisted Suicide Program Tomorrow Night

12 Jun

A DESPERATELY ill man will be shown on TV choking and begging for water before he dies in a suicide clinic.

To die in agony in a steel building in a warehouse district is the kind of ‘service’ that Dignitas of Switzerland offers to its desperate customers, with its Euthanasia offering. They’ve had 1100 happy customers over the last 12 years. Well, nobody has asked for their money back, anyway.

The documentary Choosing To Die shows an “escort” at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland holding on to Peter as he convulses on a sofa.
His wife of 40 years, Christine, 60, holds his shaking hand.

The staff member tells the camera: “He is losing consciousness, very soon the breathing will stop and then the heart.”

Author Sir Terry Pratchett, who made the programme, says to a background of haunting pipe music: “This has been a happy event. He died peacefully, more or less in the arms of his wife, quietly.”

Don’t forget that these are the same Europeans who cast Americans as savages because we occasionally execute our society’s most violent, heinous murderers by a lethal injection that in no way resembles what’s going on with those who voluntarily take an early exit. Drug cocktails in the American executions render it a permanent nap.

When I had to put my old, gray bearded dog to sleep several years ago, it was just that. He received the injection and closed his eyes and went to sleep, never to awaken.

Aside from the moral arguments about euthanasia, or euthanasia for profit for that matter, what is this barbarity that the Swiss government is authorizing?

Surprisingly, there is actually some outrage against both the Television documentary and the concept of euthanasia. I thought that all the Brits had lost the will to fight and I am a bit surprised by the blowback.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Geoff Morris, 58, said after seeing a preview: “Snowfall, music, all it needed was angels to carry him away to the pearly gates.

“It was biased and there was no argument against euthanasia.”

Exit question: Since the BBC is government run and since the government also runs the underfunded national health care program, is this a government recommended travelogue to Switzerland for the country’s costly infirm?

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Posted by on June 12, 2011 in politics


One response to “He Died Peacefully, More or Less…BBC to Air Assisted Suicide Program Tomorrow Night

  1. nooneofanyimport

    June 14, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    wow. dreadful. and yep, many of the brits are inured to the idea of letting their pensioners die. Recently at AHLondon’s site, she pointed out a Brit blogger’s flippant statement that we in the United States are “too keen to keep old sods past their sell by date.”


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