Who Says Obama Doesn’t Create Jobs?

11 Jun

The Federal workforce has grown by 160,000 during the Obama Administration bringing the total salary and benefit obligations to $451,000,000,000 per year. Reference is on Page 112.

Do we really need 2,200,000 Federal employees? Granted, this includes the military, but 2.2 Million?

Congressmen Darrell Issa, Jason Chaffetz and Dennis Ross don’t think so.

“In 1996, Bill Clinton declared the era of big government to be over. From January 1994 to December 2000, the Administration and Republicans in Congress worked together to reduce the size of the federal workforce by 381,000,” said Issa, the committee’s chairman. “Because of explosive growth in the federal workforce in this Administration, these accomplishments have been erased. This bill will help us reverse the growth curve.”

An under reported story this week is the ‘Reducing the Size of the Federal Government Through Attrition Act’ (HR 2114), which says that for every 3 employees that retire or leave the government, they may be replaced by only ONE employee. And agencies cannot play parlour games by replacing Fed employees with contractors.

Predictably, the Unions don’t like the idea and use the same old threadbare scare tactics. Ho hum. Here we go again.

National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley said the cuts are arbitrary, and will hurt the government’s ability to provide key services such as food safety inspections, border and airport security, and veterans’ care.

Colleen. Really. Can’t you do any better than that? The union’s Chicken Little act has become a national lullaby inducing drowsiness from the people.

About the graph… The red spikes are for the decennial U. S. Census taking. The Federal ranks were shrinking throughout the 90s and did a bump up after 9/11, I presume due mostly to the Democrats federalizing the TSA group gropers. Word on the street is that a TSA screener job is Anthony Weiner’s plan B, but I’m way off topic and I haven’t engaged in my fair share of Weiner whacking so now’s as good a time as any.

H/T: Thanks to Eric from Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s office for digging up the vitals on this. Chaffetz (R-UT and rising star) is one of the bill’s sponsors and he discussed it on Cavuto on Wednesday. I called Chaffetz’s office to get the references that Chaffetz spoke of and Eric was kind enough to to do the research to get it to me, even though I’m not a constituent.

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