Representative David Schweikert Cuts Through The Political Theater. Can We Handle The Truth?

04 May

Congressman David Scwheikert R-AZ made an appearance on CSPAN’s Washington Journal and delivered a sobering message of impending financial collapse if we do not heed the clarion call for dramatic changes in our national fiscal policy. Schweikert, who served Arizona in both the state legislature and as a Maricopa County Treasurer, is advocating a multipronged effort of spending cuts, tax reform (a broader base, lower marginal rates, and eliminating credits and deductions and promotes economic growth), and reform or repeal of regulations which impede economic growth.

The freshman refuses to be distracted by those standards of modern political theater such as claiming we can eliminate the deficit by eliminating tax cuts for the rich or tax credits for big oil and cites the math. His focus on the single greatest threat to our nation, our deficit and increasing debt, is unwavering. Because it can be difficult for most of us to get our head wrapped around the huge numbers in our current budgets he cleverly breaks down various budget items to the minute and helps define the true impact associated with some common folklore.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In 2010 many of us stated that we would support courageous legislators who were willing to present the facts and solutions to cure our ills. We were disgusted with those in the political class who were more concerned with getting re-elected than being responsible. Mr. Schweikert is a courageous freshman congressman who is honestly defining our situation and working to enact proven conservative solutions. He is making a sincere effort to educate his constituency but he refuses to pander. He is the real deal and he deserves our support.


One response to “Representative David Schweikert Cuts Through The Political Theater. Can We Handle The Truth?

  1. Saddlesore

    May 5, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    The problem has never been that taxes are too low, the problem has always been that spending is too high. Until people are really willing to come to grips with that there will be no progress on deficit reduction.


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