An All Too Familiar Pattern is Emerging

01 May

White House Correspondents’ Dinners are uncomfortable looking affairs, where people who are either daily friends or enemies for 364 days of the year pretend to put everything aside for the night and have a friendly roast of the current President.

But when the Correspondents are firmly on the side of the President it’s even more uncomfortable, as they don’t wish to poke fun at him and they just DON’T.

And when they’re NOT on the side of the President they use sound bites from the event to further destroy him.

Those are the rules of the game and the game is well understood.

But, most Presidents, well ALL Presidents until this one, employ self-effacing humor to poke fun at themselves and try to make themselves look more human.

Not this guy. He’s too small. He’s not self-confident.

And he’s just mean spirited.

Take last night. Instead of making fun of himself, Obama retrieved his copy of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Stand Up Comics’ and employed Rule Number 5, ridicule is the most powerful comedic weapon.

Shecky Obama used the occassion to attempt to publicly humiliate Donald Trump. All in fun, of course.

Look. I’m no fan of Donald Trump and I think him to be cartoonish.

I also wonder if he is a double agent.

He is known to have lavished big money on many reprehensible Democrats like Schumer, Hillary, Anthony Weiner, and Harry Reid, and has been known to share many of their ideaological positions.

Now Trump is coming out as a conservative Republican in pursuit of the Presidential nomination? And his main issues are a cartoon version of what liberals cast conservatives as; Birthers, Fat Cats, Isolationists and blowhards.

Is he using his media access to reinforce this notion? Like I said, I have my doubts about Trump and his motives.

But that said, Obama used public humiliation against the Donald at that dinner.
About two weeks ago Obama invited Paul Ryan to the White House for a public policy presser on the Budget and he tried to publicly humilite Ryan in that event, too.

He did the same thing to the Supreme Court at the State of the Union address.

See a pattern here?

It seems that Imam Barack Hussein Obama employs the devices of public recrimination and humiliation that were used by the culture he was accustomed to as a youth growing up in Indonesia, in combination with his street agitator thug past as an Alinsky-trained community organizer, to further his grip on power. It’s part of his upbringing.

When do the canings begin?

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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in politics


One response to “An All Too Familiar Pattern is Emerging

  1. Saddlesore

    May 2, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    If Obama had a good sense of humor, which he does not, he would have realized that good satire is more effective than his ham handed attempt at humor. I am not a Trump fan, I think people are reacting more to his brash style rather than his positions, but Trump is at least keying in on the fact that the people do realize that Obama is doing the country great harm.


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