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30 Apr

I dropped by the MilBlog conference today, which is a gathering of Military Bloggers, mostly to help out Concrete Bob from United Conservatives of Virginia at his ‘Cooking with the Troops’ table, although we mostly just yaked and Bob is a story in and of himself that I’ll share at some later time. Let’s just say he’s been outmaneuvering and kicking Code Pink’s butt for just shy of a decade.

They had a vote amongst all of the various bloggers for the best milblogs and the results are over at This Aint Hell But You Can See It From Here…

I just visited the winner of Best Marine Corp blog, One Marine’s View, and the first post captured my attention.

…We received a mission to establish a blocking position atop a 14,000 Ghar (Mtn).

It was a mother getting the company up there. We would take 10 steps and have to gasp for air as the 75lb+ packs leaned into us. After the long haul and long after establishing security and beginning patrols there sat myself, Co Gy and Co 1stSgt. First Sergeant knew it was time for coffee (instant coffee) but instead of boiling water he took his knife, cut a thin slice of C4 from a satchel charge kit and lit it on fire. As you could imagine my first thought were that 1stSgt had lost it but he hadn’t. Unless you compress the C4 it will only burn. It burns at a very high temp that makes a very nice cup of coffee very quickly. Kids, don’t try this at home with your blocks of C4. After about a minute we had 3 cups of great coffee. We contemplated the badguys next moves and our recent achievement as we set in good position on this very high mountain where you could see forever.

… That was one of the best cups of coffee I had ever had.

Many hours of interesting reading await if this first post is any indication.

Here is Cooking with the Troops Mission Statement. They could use your support as they’re trying to pull together a feed on or about Memorial Day.


Provide aid, comfort, and support to US and Allied military troops and families by:

1. Providing a culinary change of pace for U.S. and Allied military personnel — particularly the wounded, injured, and ill — and medical caregivers

2. Providing educational resources, opportunities and transition assistance into food and beverage careers for those who serve

3. Gathering and sharing knowledge with and for troops on the front line and supporting same

4. Providing other direct and indirect assistance to support the care and well-being of U.S. and Allied military personnel and their families

Again, Cooking with the Troops website.


Posted by on April 30, 2011 in politics


3 responses to “Best Military Blogs

  1. concretebob

    April 30, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Dude, you just TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    A side note on OMV’s win; because MajorP is downrange somewhere, guess who was tasked with accepting his award for Best Marine Blog EVAH!!!? Yours truly. You know how much I love getting up in front of people. NOT!!!!

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      April 30, 2011 at 10:02 pm

      Yes. You’re so shy.


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