Like the ‘Living Constitution’? Come to my house for ‘Living Poker’

28 Apr

Dr. Walter E. Williams graced Richmond with his presence today as keynote speaker at the annual Richmond Times-Dispatch ‘Correspondent of the Year’ event and was faced with a withering backlash from some of the liberal activists who didn’t like his message and some expressed indignation over having to be subjected to logic and reason, of which they received a ‘heapin’ helpin’.

He dispatched them with aplomb and dignity, dissembling them with the skill of a surgeon. The event devolved into liberals having to say that they didn’t like his message that individual liberty and a restrained government was superior to government confiscation and redistribution and that they were insulted by having to hear the words of this conservative black man.

Collectively, and I use that word with purpose, they were an epic fail and showed their desire to maintain the plantation. They showed themselves to be the slave masters. In other words, the usual fare.

But back to the headline.

Walter Williams, in response to a liberal questioner who was lobbying for the idea that government SHOULD steal from one to give to another regardless of the Constitutionality because they perceive it to be compassionate and the right thing to do, replied that the Constitution defines the rules of the game. And there are mechanisms to redefine those rules, called the Amendment process.

A simple majority should not be able to redefine the rules of the game at their whim.

But those who even accepted the idea of the Constitution, and not all did, described it as a ‘living document’. A malleable document that should be putty in the hands of those who happen to be in power.

To solidify his point he offered up the idea of coming to his house for ‘Living Poker’, where his pair of 3’s could beat out your pair of Kings, or any other rule he feels is advantageous because he holds the majority in his home.

Williams’ genius in explaining what others struggle to define is admirable and his talk today was terrific. I’ll try to put up video excerpts, but I stopped recording at the end of the speech when I should have STARTED recording during the Q&A.

Damn. He really ate their lunch. Wish I could share it.

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