The Gov’t Giveth and the Gov’t Taketh Away

20 Apr

Steve Wynn was lamenting the deteriorating lifestyle of his employees on Cavuto last night. Healthcare costs due to Obamacare, combined with a shrinking dollar are hurting the little people Obama pretends to care about.

Between rising fuel costs, which are the direct result of Obama and the Democrats energy policy, and the rising cost of bare essentials, people are really feeling the squeeze being put on them by their Federal Government.

The Consumer Price Index shows and inflation rate of 182% since 1982 and prices rose 2.1% for the first quarter of 2011. That’s an 8.4% annual rate!

Question is, are people who are hurt by Obamanomics smart enough to recognize cause and effect while they’re in the polling place?

57% Disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy and his overall numbers are not good for an incumbent.
Note on this poll, this is just a random sample of adults, not likely voters, so I’d take the Presidential electoral polls with a large grain of salt.

I guess that’s why Obama is frantically raising money and campaigning like crazy.

Not that he ever stopped campaigning in the first place. The permanent campaign could hurt him though.

Stop bullsh1tting us and GET TO WORK, you bum!


One response to “The Gov’t Giveth and the Gov’t Taketh Away

  1. Saddlesore

    April 20, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Ronald Reagan had a great insight that a government large and powerful enough to give you something is powerful enough to take things away from you. That is the gist of the idea, but not the exact quote.

    Reagan understood that government is (at best) an economic zero sum game. It does not produce wealth or economic growth, it just consumes it or redistributes it. Only the private sector produces economic growth, and as the government gets larger, the private sector gets smaller.

    As Sen. Phil Gramm used to say, “we have to many people riding in the wagon and not enough people pulling the wagon”.


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