The ship is changing course. Plouffe has Obama tacking to the starboard.

10 Apr

After two long years of complete Democrat leadership in which the incompetent team of Obama, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi have charted a course which leads our nation to a Titanic like disaster, we are now seeing signs that our ship is tacking to starboard in an attempt to avoid a massive fiscal iceberg.

Now it appears that the president is changing course, and fast. David Plouffe, who was Obama’s campaign manager in 2008 and recently replaced David Axlerod as senior advisor to the president, was interviewed pre-recorded) on Meet the Press and he was asked if the president was going to present his own deficit reduction plan to which his reply was “you will have to ask President Obama”. Then on a live interview on Fox News Sunday Plouffe announced that Obama will be announcing his deficit reduction plan this week.

President Obama had an opportunity to lead on this issue when he submitted his 2012 budget but as Paul Ryan says he did nothing, punted, ducked, and kicked the can down the road. Now that Ryan has courageously led on deficit reduction, Obama wants to run to the front of the parade and grab the flag.

Despite the politics, as an American I am glad that the conversation is changing. Thank God for the Tea Party movement and the patriotic Americans who understand that liberty can only be preserved with responsible self governance and an adherence to our founding principles. Without the uprising of the American people, the ideas espoused by conservatives like Paul Ryan, Tom Coburn, Marco Rubio, and others would be cast aside as “extreme”. Now serious attempts to rein in spending are now part of the mainstream national conversation.

I understand that Obama is pivoting in an attempt to be re-elected and I am not fooled by it, but I am encouraged that he now feels he needs to pivot much more than he had originally planned.

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One response to “The ship is changing course. Plouffe has Obama tacking to the starboard.

  1. Saddlesore

    April 10, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    A major shift has occured in American politics, thanks to the Tea Party movement. As Obama likes to say, this is a gamechanger.

    The political momentum is with conservatism. The great political debates now have the left on the defensive. Whether it is the movement to defund and repeal Obamacare, the effort to reduce federal spending, the restraining of public unions in Wisconsin and New Jersey, the left is now having to use their resources to play defense. Yes, they will attack with personal slurs and scare tacticst, but that is because they have nothing left. The right will lose some fights, but the left will be the big losers and the country will be the big winner.

    The next push for the Tea Party and conservatives needs to be to win back the judiciary, the media, the universities and public education. Think about it…..what will this country be like if Obama makes more apppointments to the Supreme Court?


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