Bobby Scott for Senate

18 Mar

Although the Democratic machine in Virginia automatically crowned former Governor and Democratic National Committee Chair Tim Kaine as the obvious choice to replace departing Senator Jim Webb in the United States Senate, this humble little blog is throwing its full support behind Congressman Bobby Scott for the nomination.

Bobby Scott has not ruled out the possibility.

U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott (D) still isn’t ruling out a possible run for Senate, even as Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine (D) appears ready to enter the race to replace retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D).

Kaine hasn’t won any national office. Under Kaine’s leadership of the DNC the Democrats have lost 58 seats in Congress; 53 House seats and 5 Senate seats. And then there are the State Houses and Governorships. No matter. Kaine is the inside guy.

But, Bobby Scott has held national office as a United States Congressman since 1993. Tim Kaine wasn’t even mayor of Richmond until 1998. And THEN he became Lt. Gov. and eventually Governor.

Why is the Democratic establishment throwing Bobby Scott under the bus?

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Posted by on March 18, 2011 in politics


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