David “Tiger” Wu Reassures Constituents of his Mental Health

08 Mar

Despite the widely reported erratic and bizarre behavior which resulted in the mass resignation of his staff after an electoral victory, congressman David Wu is doing his best to convince his constituents that his mental health issues are behind him. After his Astoria appearance Saturday, Wu took questions Monday from a largely sympathetic audience at the Washington County Democratic Central Committee, four months after an angry address to the group prompted a complaint from a Democratic activist and fueled concerns among staff that Wu needed psychiatric care.

The Daily Astorian gives us an example of the questioning Wu faced;

Robert Seward, a retired physician from Forest Grove, wanted to know specifics about Wu’s mental and physical health and the treatment he’s received.

“This whole issue is your fitness to command, your fitness to be our congressman,” Seward said. “The burden of proof is on you to show us that you’ve had an evaluation and you’re fit.”

Wu said he’s had a physical since the election and that Wright would be impressed with his doctor’s reports.

I hope that Representative Wu’s proplems are behind him.


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