Slavery is immoral

17 Feb

When an individual or group of individuals enslave an individual or group of individuals, it is a crime.

A great war was fought in America to correct this crime. Countless thousands lost their lives and many more died in poverty as a result of that war.

Slavery always was and will forever be a crime. It is a moral crime.

That a black man would enslave future generations to assuage his constituents greed is a crime against humanity, as well as an irony of historic proportions.

What Obama, the left, and the thugs in Wisconsin are doing is enslaving all Americans present and future, so that they may steal property for their own personal gain from the efforts of the born and unborn.

While retired government workers are enjoying their water views, with mimosas in the morning from their balconies, their great grandchildren will be stooped over in the rice paddies, side by side, working to get a small portion of that rice for their families that evening.

All the while paying for your indulgences.

President Obama is trying to turn America from a “Shining City on a Hill” into a “Smoldering Wreck in a Ditch”.

It’s not about us any longer. Although we will pay a price for their collectivist greed, we will not suffer nearly as much as those who don’t yet have backs to carry their burden, eyes to witness their own enslavement, or mouths to protest.

For shame.

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Posted by on February 17, 2011 in politics


One response to “Slavery is immoral

  1. Saddlesore

    February 17, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Considering that the left thinks FDR is such an icon, maybe they should listen to him for once (and this may be the only time I think FDR was right about anything). Even FDR knew what a disaster unionization of public employees would be and FDR opposed it. We have JFK to thank for allowing federal workers to unionize. The states have only themselves to blame for their workers being unionized since it is the states that pass laws allowing it.

    Here is a universal constant to rival E=MC squared.
    Unionization = Bankruptcy


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