Two very interesting posts at the Tatler

16 Feb

First, an American version of the Day of Rage is being proposed on Facebook. The prairie fire of protests across the Middle East coming to a neighborhood near you? Revolutionaries, youth, communists, socialists and anarchists will be in a fit of rage on March 12th. In other words, it’s a day like any other.

Steer clear of Starbucks on that day. A latte liberal might get all…ragey. Especially if you make them spill on their CheBama shirt.

That there is wicked scary. I’m glad I’ve got a concealed carry permit.

Second, a very interesting analysis of the age demographics of the members of the House of Representatives.

Startling age gap between Ds & Rs in House:
GOP has 41 reps under 45, Dems 12.
Dems have 35 reps over 70, Reps 19.

That explains the Democrats surly demeanor. We need Sally Struthers to head an ad campaign to send more fiber based cereals to Democrat Representatives.

Seriously, this explains a lot. The Woodstock generation needs a nap and a bowel movement. STAT.

Father Time rocks!
Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick…..

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Posted by on February 16, 2011 in politics


One response to “Two very interesting posts at the Tatler

  1. Saddlesore

    February 16, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Demography is destiny…


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