John Conyers, Constitutional Scholar

16 Feb


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate component of Obamacare. He is asserting that it is unconstitutional for the Federal government to force private citizens to purchase a product from a private company. Ken asserts that if the government can force a citizen to do this, there is no limit as to what the government can compel an individual to do and liberty is lost forever.

Congressman John Conyers disagrees. But of course.

“[W]e have been hearing that this is all about individual liberty, the right to be let alone. But is it really?”

“The liberty interests at stake do not change simply because it is the federal, rather than the state government that is imposing the requirement.

“While we can debate whether Congress has the power to impose this requirement – something I believe we clearly do – we should not scare Americans into believing that how we resolve that question says anything about their individual liberty.”

Conyers, of course, took umbrage with his constituents demand that he ‘Read the Bill’ before it was passed.

I don’t know why Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t recognize that it is Consitutional under the ‘Good and Welfare’ clause.

Video for this hearing should be available tomorrow or the next day and I will backfill this post with more details and links.

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