Ever heard of Micro Unions?

16 Feb

I hadn’t until just now. Stuart Varney just did a piece on FNC filling in on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’.

Craig Becker, Obama’s recess appointment to the National Labor Relations Board, is pushing for the ability of 5 to 10 employees to form Micro Unions within small businesses in order to gain a toe hold and to then solicit other employees from within.

The “micro unions” would essentially allow labor organizers to section off company employees by specific job descriptions. For example, if a union were trying to organize a restaurant staff, leaders would target servers, busboys, dishwashers, cooks and hostesses separately.

The NLRB was created back in the 30s to act as an intermediary between business and labor, but it is now solely the iron fist of Big Labor.

Becker is a very dangerous man, as a former SEIU and AFL-CIO lawyer, he has argued that Employers should not have a seat at the table during labor arbitration hearings at the NRLB.

Here’s a nugget from from Brian Johnson at Big Government

Just as Mr. Becker views employers as obstacles to increased unionization, he similarly views workers ability to democratically choose union representation as problematic:

“Just as U.S. Citizens cannot opt against having a congressman, workers should not be able to choose against having a union as their monopoly-bargaining agent.”

Mandatory unionization? That’s very American, isn’t it?

Rep. Tom Price from Georgia is fighting back and today introduced a bill to defund NLRB for the rest of the year.

Barack Hussein Obama. The best President money can buy.


Posted by on February 16, 2011 in politics


2 responses to “Ever heard of Micro Unions?

  1. Saddlesore

    February 16, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Why are labor unions even allowed? By definition, don’t they collude to fix prices?


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