More CPAC Fallout: Tales from the Ron Paul Bozone

14 Feb

After the Ron Paulbots beclowned themselves by booing and heckling Rumsfeld and Cheney and others including Mitt Romney, displaying their anti-Semitism, acting generally boorish and displaying their collective classlessness by booing the names of the other participants in the bogus straw poll when their names were read, Young Americans for Freedom have booted Ron Paul off their board.

Fearless leader of the Bozone

Right after the straw poll results showing Ron Paul as the winner were announced, people from Young Americans for Freedom began handing out memos declaring they had expelled Ron Paul from their advisory board.

“YAF’s concerns with Rep. Paul stem out of his delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe anti-war movement,” the press release declared. Specifically, they’re upset about Paul’s “journey into the anti-war left by laying the blame on America for the unprovoked attacks of September 11th. Additionally, Rep. Paul has not condemned the 9/11 ‘Truther’ conspiracy theorists that support him, and he has repeatedly insisted that the United States not bring justice to those who have murdered thousands of our civilians and soldiers at home and abroad.”

Not only is Ron Paul off the Board, it gets worse for him as YAF’s Director seems to be focusing on getting him booted from national office altogether.

“Rep. Paul is clearly off his meds and must be purged from public office. YAF is starting the process by removing him from our national advisory board. Good riddance and he won’t be missed,” added Marks.

How a crank like Paul ever got elected, then re-elected is a head scratcher to me. He should be sent home to his District next election so that he can sit on his porch and holler, “HEY KID!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!”

To be fair, not ALL of the Ron Paul people are like that and I had a very pleasant and rational debate with a nice young man of that persuasion. We found some common ground, but the discussion remained civil when discussing the areas we disagreed upon.

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Posted by on February 14, 2011 in politics


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