Intrepid CPAC reporter who did little to no reporting (but plenty of drinking and chit chatting) but plans to do so forthwith, arrives safely at home…exhausted and broke

12 Feb

Well that’s a stupid title for a piece. I’m just the guy to do it.

So much to report, but for now it’s all about sleep. Soon.

Met lots of great people and I will expand on this later. I will tell you about the guy who is going to challenge and beat Olympia Snowe in the Republican Primary.

There is great upheaval and dissent at CPAC regarding the direction and stewardship of the organization, muslim infiltration and the makeup of the board of directors. I will expand on this tomorrow, but this is a frightening development.

The Ron Paulbots are the right’s answer to MoveOn and CodePink.

Disunity Organizers.

More on that later. Although I did cause a stampede.

Oops. My bad. But I was slightly misquoted in the PJ piece. I actually said ‘Your BOY is in the lobby’. They shrieked like little school girls and did that cute little buffalo stampede thing. It was just…Precious.

It was neo-Beatlemania when they screamed and cried, ‘Paul. Paul. I love you Paul.’

OK. That didn’t really happen like that, but it was damned close. I skipped the Paul speech as I was afraid of the flying undergarments from the faithful, (particularly from the men) if you know what I mean and I think you do.

My assessment of CPAC is that sitting in front of lots and lots and lots of conservative speakers reveals the obvious observation: THEY ALL SAY PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING, so it comes down to a matter of style and good looks to get elected, and about delivering the goods to get re-elected.


All elected officials are on notice. We’re watching intently. Proceed with caution as the conservative movement is comprised of a group of irritated Gadsden rattle snakes and you’re wearing flip flops.

There is much to impart, so this is just a tease.

Best line of the day was about where conservatives and/or Republicans stand in the grand scheme of things.

We hold One Half of One Third of the national government.

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