The Failed Science of “Man-Made” Global Warming

02 Jan

Noted British astrophysicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn is a thorn in the side of those riding on the gravy train known as Anthropogenic Climate Change (formerly Anthropogenic Global Warming). Mr. Corbyn has been espousing a scientific method linking solar activity modulated by the effects of the moon to predict the weather many months or even years in advance. At the same time he has repudiated the theory that increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere cause rising temperatures and extreme weather. He claims those predicting catastrophic warming are motivated by the government funding available to those who support this theory and a desire to create an economic bubble utilizing a carbon trading scheme.

Piers recently (December 1, 2010) issued this forecast. 

It seems that by using the proven scientific method Corbyn’s prediction of record cold and snowfall has come to fruition as confirmed by the Met Office. That same Met Office’s forecast was predicting a mild winter with temperatures above average.

This story, on its face, is not all that remarkable; Corbyn, a skeptic who got lucky predicting some cold weather who has and will be discredited as an extreme right wingnut who denies the proven science. The fact is that Corbyn has an impressive record of well above average accuracy in long-term forecasting and he is extremely liberal. The notion that only an ultra conservative flat earther would dare deny the imminent catastrophe of CO2 induced climate change is shattered by Corbyn’s claims that the theory is purely political and ignores scientific evidence.

While Corbyn uses real science to accurately predict future weather the proponents of Anthropogenic Climate Change have resorted to attempting to link any and all past weather events to man-made causes to further advance their ride on the gravy train.


One response to “The Failed Science of “Man-Made” Global Warming

  1. Saddlesore

    January 3, 2011 at 9:40 am

    The whole idea of climate “science” is obviously wrong, since the results can not be tested in a laboratory to be verified or falsified in a controlled experiment. That does not mean that carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas (it is) as are others; however, the whole idea of being able to “prove” man made global warming because of fossil fuel use was a fraud from the get go.

    This should really be a wake up call to all honest people regardless of political persuasion, that the left will do anything to destroy the reputation of people who actually think and follow the facts, rather than try to bend science for a political purpose.


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