Could this finally touch criticism of Islam from Left?

09 Nov

Could THIS be the straw that broke the camel’s back? 

The Left has made it clear that the only religions that deserve respect are the ones that show no respect or preach hatred of the United States.  Lately, that is Radical Islam.  Coming in a distant second:  The Black Separatist Theology as practiced by Rev. Wright.   It’s probably not a coincidence that our President has practiced BOTH of these religions.  Stonings, public floggings, car bombs, bombs strapped to children, “God-Damning America”, dismembering, disfiguring and imprisoning women are brushed aside and disregarded like “Lewinskies” in the Oval Office. 

“Can’t we just all move on?” 

“Publically stoning a woman for driving a car IS a PRIVATE matter”, we’re told.   

But as the New York Post reveals, Al Qaeda may have FINALLY went too far.  Sewing bombs to the insides of dogs!  This transcends devious and sinister, runs a bee-line past cruel and unusual, and races to the Megalamaniacal like an art critic to a wine and cheese.   Will this finally get Maureen Dowd to put down Vanity Fair and actually CRITICIZE Al Qaeda’s behavior?

Probably not, because that would mean lifting their Get Smart influenced “Cone of Silence” from around Lord and Lady Obama.  With the troop withdrawl’s in Iraq, the altering of the rules of engagement, and the recurring (mysterious) exclusion of “the Taliban” whenever speaking about the Ware on Terro, it’s apparent that the President’s strategy can be summed up with the old axiom:   The Best Offense is to not be offensive.  Questioning or criticizing this only serves to make it more obvious that George W. Bush was right about the War on Terror.  The Democrats just needed a poltical volleyball in 2003, so they had to turn common sense inside out. 

“We support the troops, but not the war”.  

See?  Perfect sense.  

No sense rehashing history that as of last Tuesday is ALSO history.    But in conclusion, one has to ask:  Will PETA speak out about the use of animals as canine bombs by Al Qaeda? 

C’mon, we all know the answer to that.


Posted by on November 9, 2010 in Jihad and Islamists, Liberal Media, politics


2 responses to “Could this finally touch criticism of Islam from Left?

  1. Joe Hunter

    November 10, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Great post! This topic rarely gets addressed but has always been a concern for me. I’m glad that someone is addressing the lack of outrage toward things that are so incredibly heinous! It seems they prioritize their focus toward things that advance their agenda rather than what needs attention most. I am new to this site but it’s now in my favorites!

    • mrmike64

      November 10, 2010 at 6:45 pm

      Thanks for your comments, Joe. We appreciate your FAVING us, so much in fact, let’s send you a Mr. Mike T-Shirt. I’m proud to have my thoughts displayed here on DISRUPT THE NARRATIVE (free plug).

      ah, screw it, I’m going to send you a 3 pack of t-shirts (courtesy of JC Penny) Y’know white matches everything. I hope you’re an XS.


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