Why I’m headed to VA-8 on Saturday

27 Oct

The reprehensible Congressman Jim Moran may be in trouble.

The latest internal poll from Republican challenger, Patrick Murray, shows Moran 32.3%, Murray 29.7% and UNDECIDED 30.5%.  I want to go find those undecideds and help convince them of Murray’s merits as well as Moran’s defects, of which there are many.

You just don’t disrespect military service and get away with it.

Larry Sabato doesn’t think Moran is in trouble, however, which is good enough reason for me to try to prove him wrong.  Sabato is still using the 2008 playbook for the 2010 season.  Sabato sez…

“If Murray beat Moran it would be an extraordinary upset – one of the headliners of the night. The 8th is the second most D district in Virginia (after the majority-black 3rd). Obama won 69 percent there. A party switch is highly unlikely in 2010. That’s my best judgment.”

I want that Headline.  Oh, and look out in the 3rd, Larry.  Chuck Smith is making headway against uber lib Bobby Scott.  He may not win, but he’s giving Scott a real challenge.

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Posted by on October 27, 2010 in Jim Moran, Obama, politics


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