Chris Coons, Rubberstamp Man

27 Oct

A few weeks back Chris Coons was TaxMan.  This week?  Rubberstamp Man.

Democrat Standing with the President and Vice President?       Check.

Broadly Support the Agenda of the President?        Check.

Solid and Reliable Democrat and Progressive?      Check.

First vote?  For Harry Reid to remain Majority Leader.   Check.

I gotta give him this.  Most Progressives masquerade as ‘centrists’, ‘moderates’ or even ‘conservative’.  Coons is OUT OF THE CLOSET.  He’s an unapologetic Liberal/Progressive lapdog anxiously awaiting a tummy rub from Daddy and Uncle Joe.

Of course, what happens for any good lap dog is that visit to the veteranarian to have your balls removed.  Everybody likes a good dog.  Nobody likes a leg humper. 

Coons strikes me as a leg humper.

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Posted by on October 27, 2010 in Chris Coons, politics


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