Patrick Rose, scared Texas Democrat, goes immigrant bashing

14 Oct

Folks claim to be scratching their heads over why state Rep. Patrick Rose (D-HD45) would run an ad claiming that immigrants steal Texans’ jobs so we have to crack down on illegals.  It’s pretty easy to understand, though.  He’s sceered.

Imagine the outrage if a Republican had issued the following statement, that appeared in a story published Wednesday in the Houston Chronicle:

“We have to crack down on illegal immigrants who break our laws, escape unpunished and take jobs away from Texans.”

The paper then asks two rhetorical questions. Is it a campaign ad by a Republican lawmaker who favors bringing an Arizona-style immigration crackdown to Texas? By GOP Gov. Rick Perry?

“Nope. It’s by state Rep. Patrick Rose, a Dripping Springs Democrat who belongs to the Mexican American Legislative Caucus — and that’s why it’s raising some eyebrows,” the Chronicle story said.

Rose is a Democrat running for re-election in a Republican state in a bad Democrat year.  He’s been literally living off his campaign funds for years.  His own job is threatened by a great Republican candidate, Jason Isaac.  So the liberal Rose is trying desperately to run to the right, or at least what he perceives to be the right.  Unfortunately for him, he’s wrong about what’s on the right.  We’re not bashers, we just want a sensible border policy that keeps Americans and legal immigrants safe.

Sorry, Patty, now you’ve been outed as a lib and you’re alienating your pals.  Having fun looking for a job in the Obama economy after Nov 2, pal!


Posted by on October 14, 2010 in politics


3 responses to “Patrick Rose, scared Texas Democrat, goes immigrant bashing

  1. Saddlesore

    October 14, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    How do you spell scared liberal? CHAMELEON!!

  2. Deborah, Texas

    October 16, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Rose is a gd commie! You SOB! Leave our children alone!
    CREEP! You deserve the same punishment as the rest of the commie government in the Federal government. HANGING, SHOT, ELECTRIC CHAIR…you deserve the full extent of the law down on you!
    To subject Texas to Shariah Law will sacrifice your own family!
    Perhaps you don’t care if your children and wife sold in to poverty but we do.
    Maybe you don’t care that Obama is trying to make the United States and her citizens the UNITED NATIONS ruled under International Law (Shariah Law).
    You can kiss my white, Texan arse if you think it will all go unnoticed.
    Maybe you’d like the 4 wives ranging from 5 years old and up. Maybe you’d like your teenage to be stoned in the streets in front of your face but we don’t!
    Maybe you’d sell yourself to the special interest groups for a few million/billion dollars and for this you deserve a one way ticket to hell.
    I wish you all the bad luck that can bestow a person.
    You can go to hell you f’in commie!
    pfft…as if any of this will get posted…just like Obama’s communist, dictator scum bag rule of the web.

  3. kai

    October 21, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Whoa… calm down Deborah. I doubt you would want your children saying such things. Breeding hate like this is what leads to terrorism. Relax, focus on the issues, and try to be positive for once in your life. Hanging, shooting, or electric-chairing our state representatives is no way to get quality individuals to run for office. Your thought process is borderline insane. It’s quite scary. More to the point, where can we find factual information on our candidates and their positions? I almost want to vote Rose because of crazies like Deborah, but I’d much rather make a knowledgeable, sensible, healthy choice. Rose has been around for a while and to be honesty I rarely hear about anything he’s doing. Maybe it’s not too late to get a quality vote in another direction, but I’d like to know the facts.


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