The Socialist/Democrat Congressional Highlights since 2007!

28 Sep

So, are things really better now than they were in 2007 when the Republicans lost the House and Senate? According to NYT Columnist Paul Krugman they are.  The ” Summer of Recovery” has turned into, according to crazy Uncle Biden   the “Buck up or Buck You!” Fall. Ahhhhh yes, the Hope and Change is over flowing. The only thing tingling  on this guys  leg  is the Natty Light I just knocked  over!

Lets go to the stat sheet  to see the score:

  • In January 2007 before the Democrats took over Congress, unemployment was 4.6 percent; now it’s 9.6 percent.
  • In January 2007 there were 7.1 million unemployed people in America; now there are 14.9 million.
  • In January 2007 the median home price was $210,600; today it’s $179,300.
  • In January 2007 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 12,500; today it’s at 10,840.
  • In January 2007 the gross federal debt was $9 trillion; today it’s $13.5 trillion.
  • The poverty rate in 2006 was 12.3 percent; now it’s 14.3 percent
  • In the final budget created by a GOP-controlled Congress, the deficit was $160 billion; now it’s $1.6 trillion.

Add it all up and: there were half as many people out of work then; houses were worth 17 percent more; stocks were 16 percent higher; the federal debt was 33 percent lower; poverty was 14 percent lower, and; the deficit was 90 percent lower! 

The Obama Administration is so bummed out they couldn’t  roll out their new mascot for the “Summer of Recovery” but  he was recently spotted on the Metro by McMartin looking, well… Sad, you be the judge.


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2 responses to “The Socialist/Democrat Congressional Highlights since 2007!

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr

    September 28, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    I was struck by a comment last night from a man who left the Army in 1969, buit a business that failed, built another only to have it burn to the ground on the first day of operation with no insurance, but kept perservering and eventually, in 1990 came up with a winning formula that made him very wealthy until his retirement in 2002.

    During the dark days he asked for no assistence, although he was poor.

    But now, since Obama, he has seen his holdings lose 30% of their value, which he explained as tossing those 12 years of success in his life down the crapper.

    34 days and we’ll start the Regime Change that this country needs. 34 days.

    And it isn’t just Obama and the Democrats that have screwed this pooch. It was us. We were too busy playing golf, raising families and enjoying the American dream that others had built for us and we never felt in jeopardy before.

    Liberty was a birthright. So we thought.

    That’s all over now. I only hope that we can start a seismic shift, but we may be too late.

    I want to go fishing.

  2. Saddlesore

    September 29, 2010 at 12:48 am

    Here is my question. Are you better off than you were four years ago?

    If any Republican presidential candidate in 2012 asks that question in a debate with the Democratic candidate, it will be a Republican landslide like Reagan’s.


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