I didn’t say that the Cuban economy doesn’t work. As always, I’m just misunderstood.

26 Sep

Birds of a Feather

Remember last week or the week before when it was being reported that Fidel said that the Cuban economy doesn’t work?  Well just like a leftist, he’s back pedalled from that position, since like all good leftists, lying is second nature.  Just ask Obama.

 The Cuban economy is in shambles and leftist apologists are working to get sanctions removed before Fidel and his brother Raul have an unhappy encounter with the people they betrayed.  Fidel said what he said, but now disavows it as it is proving to be a bit uncomfortable for him.

 Frank Calzon at the South Sentinel lays out the scene.  Cuba, once the largest sugar producer in the world, is now importing sugar for their own needs.   That is yet another symptom of the Cuban government’s command and control economy, something that the ObamaBots admire and are endeavoring to emulate. 

The Cubans have lived under strict food rationing for 50 years. The sugar industry that was the engine of Cuban progress for over two centuries is no more — the sugar mills idle, its workers jobless. Cuba, which was known as the world’s sugar bowl, now imports sugar from abroad to cover internal consumption. And only remittances from Cuban Americans prevent famine on the island.

The Castro brothers have been forced to freeze bank accounts of foreign investors in Cuba’s national bank due to the regime’s “liquidity crisis.”  Havana is broke and cannot pay its bills. That is the reason the regime desperately seeks the lifting of the U.S. embargo and the American tourist dollar.

There are all too many people in this Administration who embrace the idea of propping up the dictators in that country.  Members of the President’s cabinet have the same goals for this country.

Cuba now is what America will look like in the future if we don’t seize the narrative, disrupt the ballot box and right this ship of state.  If we don’t fix this on November 2nd (or November 3rd for Myerkowsi voters) this will be our future. 

 Look at what is happening in California’s central valley.  A minnow is breaking the backs of strong backed farmers who have provided food for over a century.  OK, not the minnow.  The Marxist, anticapitalist, bearded (and that includes the women) envirofreaks have empowered the minnow.  They voted for Obama and this lot of commie locusts are all kindred spirits dismantling this precious country before our very eyes. 

Keep the pressure on Cuba.  Redouble the pressure on Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

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