Democrat Mark Strama must be worried

13 Sep

Mark Strama is a liberal Democrat, currently occupying the seat belonging to Texas state House District 50.  He’s known for his affinity for a certain Barack Obama, which probably helped him in 2008.  But now…not so much.

District 50 is mostly in liberal Travis County, but parts of it leak up into Williamson County, which is a red bulwark hard against Travis County’s blue dot.  Most of Williamson is in District 52, which also elected a liberal to the House in 2008 – Dianna Maldonado.  And a drive through Williamson shows that Maldonado knows she’s in for a serious fight against the GOP nominee, Larry Gonzales.  Maldonado’s signs are everywhere, curiously omitting any mention of the radical leftists who support her candidacy.

But until recently there weren’t any Strama signs anywhere in the sliver of Williamson County that’s in his district.  That changed about a week ago.  Now, on a drive through the area, you can’t help but notice that Strama’s signs are everywhere.  So are those of his Republican opponent, Patrick McGuiness, but you’d expect that given the conservative slant of the voters in that county.

So why is Strama putting signs up all over that part of the district, so suddenly?

He’s worried, that’s why.  He must’ve recently seen something that spooked him.

Update: Speaking of McGuiness, he just released a new campaign video in which he describes himself as a “Reagan Republican taking on an Obama Democrat.”  Yup, that about sums it up.

Update: I was misreading the map linked above.  Turns out that Strama is putting signs up in HD52, entirely outside his district.  Either his campaign staff is also misreading the map, or more likely, he’s more worried than I thought.

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