Will Californians fall for the Lucy holding the football gambit again?

08 Sep

Former Governor, Mayor of Oakland and current Democrat candidate for Governor has a plan.  But you’ll have to wait until after the election before he tells you what it is.

This is met with the uproarious laughter of the faithful in attendance, who love pulling another one off on their fellow citizens.  I guess that plays well with Californians, who have provided for us a House Majority Leader who pretty much said the same thing during the Health Care debate.

How many degrees of separation are there between Kevin Bacon and the people of California? 

 Well my Californian bretheren and sisteren?  Are you ready to once again to assume the position?

I know you’re confused after the whole Ahnold thing.  He masqueraded as a conservative and sold his soul under the Republican brand, but trust me, Jerry Brown ain’t the answer.  I don’t know that Meg Whitman is the answer either, but Moonbeam? 


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Posted by on September 8, 2010 in politics


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