Bill White creates 25 jobs. Pay: “Karma”

24 Aug

Yup, another typical Democrat jobs program.  You get to feel good if you’re a lefty type, but you don’t actually get to eat.

In an upcoming video for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White, you’ll see footage of hurricane evacuees in ragged clothing carrying battered luggage filing into a building.

What, you might wonder, has happened with those particular evacuees? How are they doing today?

I am happy to report we are fine. We are a fraud, but we are fine. I say “we” because I was among about 25 people who answered a casting call for extras in the video shot here Sunday…

No money was offered. Instead, the casting call promised “great karma for helping a Democratic cause.”

I supposed you get even greater karma for helping a doomed Democratic cause. 

Because that’s what Bill White’s campaign is.   The latest Rasmussen has Perry up by 8, 49-41.  That’s after the White campaign has spent about $6 million or so on mostly positive ads to introduce himself to the vast numbers of Texans who’ve never heard of him.  Well, now more Texans have heard of him, and they still prefer Rick Perry.

Texans may prefer Perry, of course, because the jobs he brings to Texas – jobs like facebook and Caterpillar – pay in something a bit more tangible than left coast karma.

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