Is it time to retire a prefix?

19 Aug

Perhaps this is too harsh, but there are plethora of words referenced that include the prefix ‘UN’ these days.

UNbelievable.  This word comes in nearly every email that I receive that references government overreach, arrogance and corruption.  Rush, Sean, Mark Levin and others use it repeatedly.  Is this rogue government really UNBELIEVABLE at this point?   I would call government and the leftists that engineer it as ‘PREDICTABLY DISAPPOINTING’ or ‘INFURIATINGLY DISMISSIVE’ or  ‘CALCULATINGLY HEARTLESS’ or…

Somebody in this audience has the right term.  But UNbelievable just doesn’t cut it anymore.

 What THIS government does is entirely ‘Believable’ and my ability to be shocked by them has been exhausted.  Whatever is worst for the country is the predictable course that they will take.

UNexpectedly.  Employment UNEXPECTEDLY fell.  Retail Sales UNEXPECTEDLY sank.  The Trade deficit UNEXPECTEDLY went negative.  New home starts UNEXPECTEDLY fell.  This is so farcical as to border on the ridiculous.  With this President and this Congress, who has ANY expectations of success?  Rush and others laugh about this adverb all the time.

I will let it back into the lexicon if I see a headline like this on November 3rd.

Democrats Unexpectedly lose every single seat in Congress

‘Unexpectedly’ is on the bubble.

UNprecedented.  The media uses this word anytime Obama rams through another of his socialist programs.  The problem is, there IS precedent for government seizing the means of production, personal assets,  liberty and destroying the safety and dreams of its citizens.  It happened in Russia about one hundred years ago.  Then in China, Cuba, and most recently Venezuela. 

Obama stealing the auto industry, health care, the financial industry, student loans, and has his sights are now on the energy industry may be UNPRECEDENTED in this country, but Obama and the statists are merely executing an old playbook that has had disasterous results every time it has been tried.

UNsustainable.  When used in proper context to describe our political and economic trajectory as a nation, the word is fine.  But it has been co-opted by the engineers of our economic catastrophe to justify impending tax increases.  This should be the N-word of politics, where one group can utter it and the other group simply cannot. 

Conservatives can use it to describe Spending.  Liberals CANNOT use the word at all, unless describing their personal political careers.  Don’t even try, especially when you use it in the same sentence as ‘national debt’.

I was being facetious about retiring ‘UN’ as a prefix as it just isn’t practical as long as there is high UNemployment, UNdermining of our laws and institutions by an UN-American President and Congress, UNfunded mandates, UNeducated children being belched from our public schools, UNaccountable politicians in Washington and the UNpunished criminals within their ranks.

Heck, I was talking myself out of banning UN until that last run on sentence, but it’s making more sense to me all the time.

Yeah.  UN must be banned. 

It must be abolished. 

And while we’re at it, here’s another UN I’d like to banish.


Posted by on August 19, 2010 in politics


2 responses to “Is it time to retire a prefix?

  1. Saddlesore

    August 19, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    One word we should not retire about Obama….unbearable.

  2. Pedro

    August 20, 2010 at 11:59 am

    How about unions? And I don’t mean onions.


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