You’re Talking Tsunami!

17 Aug
In his first 20 months  President  Obama has claimed to be focused on the
following issues, items, opportunities, etc.  .
Here we go;
It is never surprising when someone experiences failure due to a lack of focus or effort but let me be clear, this president will not rest and is focused like a laser and has been a miserable failure on whatever he has focused on.
I know some will  claim that he was successful in getting the trillion-dollar stimulus and Obamacare passed. Well history is already defining the stimulus as a failure and the promise of health care reform to provide access to affordable healthcare for all while bending the cost curve down and reducing the deficit has no chance of coming to fruition. 
I haven’t even mentioned Obama’s failed efforts to secure the Olympics for Chicago, the Kennedy Senate seat for Coakley, and his stumping for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds which resulted in one of the most lopsided victories in Virginia history for Robert McDonnell.
So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when the president announced keeping Democrats in power “is my focus over the next several months.”
Ladies and Gentleman, as Chris Matthews said “You’re talking tsunami!”


Posted by on August 17, 2010 in politics


3 responses to “You’re Talking Tsunami!

  1. Saddlesore

    August 17, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    Everything Obama succeeds at results in failure. Should he focus on failing? Would that be a success for the country? I am so confused…

  2. MJSamuelson

    August 18, 2010 at 12:31 am



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