You’re Fired!

12 Aug


Aug 5th – Ed Whitacre, CEO of GM said “We don’t like this label of ‘Government Motors,’ Whitacre said at the Center for Automotive Research’s annual Management Briefing Seminars. “We know it’s turned off customers. It turns us off. It embarrasses people.”
We’re moving towards going public again. Uppermost in our mind is getting the government out of our business.”

Aug 14th-
General Motors today said that Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. will step down as chief executive officer on September 1, 2010, and as chairman of the board by the end of the year.

Industry insiders are shocked and claim Obama did not like Whitacre’s Obama Motors comments.
Obama has now fired more managers than George Steinbrenner

Cheap laugh update.  (Saddleburr)

I don’t know where I saw this and it’s admittedly stolen, and it’s just too good to bury in the comments.

President Goodwrench.

That killed me.

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