The Plunder continues

11 Aug

Although there are some $400,000,000,000 Stimulus dollars of the $820,000,000,000 already ‘appropriated’, Nancy Pelosi summoned her henchpersons to Washington today for a two pronged mission.

Mission One:  Steal another $2,000,000,000  Sorry, $26,000,000,000 from future Americans (let’s not kid ourselves here, we’re not paying for it.  Kids and embryos will shoulder this burden) and pay off the Teachers unions, Firefighters unions and other public sector unions to make sure that they muscle their drones to the polls in November. 

Mission Two: To provide cover for congresscritters who SHOULD be in their home districts answering to the people, but were given the opportunity to flee in order to vote on this important legislation.  Maybe THIS was Mission One.

The Bill with No Name passed 247-161 today.

Regardless, for those in Virginia keeping score, that would be a YES vote from congressmen Perriello, Nye, Scott, Boucher, Connolly and Virginia’s NATIONAL TREASURE, Jim Moran.

Norm has the wrap up for all of you keeping score at home.

Incidentally.  The following Virginia Congressmen voted AGAINST.

Cantor, Forbes, Goodlatte, Wittman, Wolf. 

Good job, guys.


The following links are for the OPPONENTS to those who voted in favor of the slush fund in Virginia.  Listed first, the jerk who voted FOR the bill, followed by their worthy challengers, all of whom are decent, conservative, moral individuals who wish to fix this mess.  God speed, gentlemen.

Perriello            Robert Hurt

Nye                      Scott Rigell

Scott                   Chuck Smith

 Boucher            Morgan Griffith

Connolly           Keith Fimian  

Jim Moran        Patrick Murray

I’ll try to do the same for the rest of the Gang of 247 tomorrow, but day job may interfere.


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2 responses to “The Plunder continues

  1. Saddlesore

    August 11, 2010 at 3:03 am

    Thanks for the info on which of our Congressmen voted for this latest insult to the American people. Next, I need to contact Connolly (my alleged Representative) and remind him that these votes are why 1: I tell everyone I know at every opportunity to vote agains him and 2: he will lose big time.

  2. P. Henry Saddleburr

    August 11, 2010 at 3:22 am

    Do whatever you can to get Keith Fimian elected and make sure that Connolly becomes a forgotten footnote in the annals of history.

    I will put up a post tomorrow that gives the links to all of the opponents to those who voted for the Bill With No Name in Virginia.

    If I have time, I may well do that for everyone across the country who voted for this abomination.

    I’ve got a couple of appointments tomorrow, but this research shouldn’t be too daunting. It’s only 247 miscreants for which I need to find the details on their opponents.


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