Spanish word I learned today? Chancletazo.

11 Aug

Chancletazo.  A spanking with a sandal.

Update on this word below.

Val Prieto over at Babalu blog says that Harry Reid has received a serious chancletazo from Cubachi, after Reid’s statement that he knows no reason why a hispanic would be a Republican.

Well Harry, let me introduce myself. I am the daughter of Cuban exiles who have seen first hand the failures of liberal and socialist policies in their native country. My father in fact, was a political prisoner in Cuba for five years because the government deemed his speech against repression and dictatorship “hateful and dangerous.” Sort of like what you democrats say about the tea parties, although you have not thrown their members in jail… yet.

Cubachi gets even better but I’ll only show some of it here.  Fairness dictates that you go there yourself.

Sweet justice for me, would be to see Marco Rubio enter the senate as you exit your way out to hand the keys to Sharron Angle


Did some more research on this word and it is based on the word Chancleta.

 The Chancleta is really no more than a flip flop (the kind you would wear at the beach). The Chancleta’s power comes from the skill of the mother wearing them, the ability she has to un-holster it from her foot (mind you she has two) and immediately resolve the disciplinary crisis by applying what we Latinos call a “pela” (a good old fashion ass whooping). The mere threat of the Chancleta to a child who has ever endured a “pela” will usually correct bad behavior in public.

Disrupt the Narrative’s government grant for being a bilingual website promoting cultural diversity is almost a lock now.

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Posted by on August 11, 2010 in politics


One response to “Spanish word I learned today? Chancletazo.

  1. Saddlesore

    August 11, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Harry Reid deserves a good whooping. One at the polls will be great.


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