Disrupt the Banality

28 Jul

Three cheers for Jason Chaffetz (R) Utah for finally erupting over the endless, idiotic resolutions recognizing this sports team or that recently deceased local patriot from this Congressional distric is basically, all of the STOOPID stuff that Congress consumes itself with.  

I apologize for the commercial that precedes this video.  So sue me.  I guess FNC deserves its dime.

Jason’s heart is in the right place.  He’s there to do a job and he’s fed up with the moronic ceremonial things that happen in Congress, especially in an environment where serious business needs to be done.  The man is no frills and sleeps on a cot in his office, for chrissakes!

Problem is, he got elected as a freshman congressman in the age of Obama, and although I’ve got to admire his desire to ‘get serious’.  But quite frankly,I’m with Neil on this.  Every moment the Congress is on recess or debating issues such as this, so much the better.  Until this Congress has had its colonoscopy administered by the electorate in November I’d rather they spend ALL of their time naming post offices.  

Cheer up, Jason.  You’ll have new playmates in January.

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Posted by on July 28, 2010 in politics


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