San Antonio blogger wants Ciro and Quico to “get serious”

19 Jul

I wouldn’t care, except this blogger blogs at the San Antonio Express-News, that’s the big newspaper reporting in the district in question, and her post offers no evidence that she has a clue what’s at the heart of that Ciro Rodriguez video from last week.  You know the one I’m talking about – Ciro Gone WILD.

Now, to blogger Maria Anglin’s objections:

Let’s talk about this video of Ciro blowing his top with some woman at a town hall meeting last week. Ciro doesn’t look too cool and collected while he’s losing his temper, does he? No sir, he doesn’t. Now a video of Ciro’s angry words is the first thing that pops up on under the header “Ciro Rodriguez: Out-Of-Control.” Does that look good? No sir, that doesn’t either.

Ciro, thanks for apologizing. Being called a liar is a punch in the gut, but it’s part of being a politician and you ought to know how to react to that kind of stuff by now. You’re no rookie; you know that. And it appears that you now realize that there is no way to take back the moral high ground once you start pounding on the tables with a newspaper to show everyone how upset you are. It’s a safe bet that everyone in the room knew you were madder than a wet hen, and that’s not your best side. You probably shouldn’t point fingers at other adults to make your point, either — it doesn’t go over well.

And Francisco “Quico” Canseco. Do you really want to lead your Web site with this? Wouldn’t it be better to lead with your take on the issues you believe are the most critical for the 23rd Congressional District, as your note posted right under the Ciro video says? If you’re leading with a fistful of “look how badthis clown looks,” what does that say about your position?

What we have here is a blogger’s failure to understand what she’s seeing.  The Ciro Gone WILD video is serious, on its own, for two reasons, and the Canseco campaign is more than justified in making a big deal out of it.  First, the video demonstrates clearly that Ciro Rodriguez doesn’t understand the bill that he voted for.  He tries citing the government’s numbers on that bill, and his own constituent calls him out for using dated figures – figures that are no longer in operation, according to the very government Rodriguez is relying on for authority here.  Rodriguez’s reaction shows that he’s operating from talking points that his party or maybe someone on his staff wrote for him (just a guess, but the talking points’ author is probably somewhere within Obama’s personal political army, Organizing for America) and he doesn’t know what to do when those talking points get blown up in front of a room full of people whose votes he’s trying to get.  So he lashes out, and looks like a menacing jerk in the process.

All of that is serious.  You want bullet points, here are a few.

1. Dem Rep Ciro Rodriguez doesn’t know what the hell he voted for or what it will cost, so

2. He relied on talking points rather than having any real understanding of the bill (which is his job, by the way), and

3. When those talking points are proven to be useless,

4. Ciro Rodriguez chooses to lash out rather than admit his shortcomings and his error in voting for that bill.

All that seems pretty clear to me.  Let’s hope it sinks in on Ciro’s defender over at the Express-News.

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Posted by on July 19, 2010 in blogs, media, Obamacare, politics, Tyranny


One response to “San Antonio blogger wants Ciro and Quico to “get serious”

  1. Saddlesore

    July 19, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Anglin just uses good, tried and true Alinsky tactics….attack the public who asked a reasonable question, criticize Canseco for simply showing the video of Ciro, etc.

    What this means when you translate it back to reality is that there is no logical defense of Obamacare or what it is doing to this country.


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