What if Bill White held an “online townhall” and, like, 11 people showed up?

13 Jul

Or almost 170, peak.  Out of a state of about 25 million?  This, my friends, is a campaign on fi-yah!

This evening, state Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, sat in a room with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White and talked into a camera. Around the state, Texans were welcomed to watch online and submit questions…

Attendance at the town hall of the future peaked at just fewer than 170 viewers.

I wonder how many of those were Bill White’s campaign staff and Obama for America astroturfers?  All of ’em, probably, except folks from the opposition.

Tell ya what the White campaign needs.  It needs a visual, something to catch the eye and capture the spirit of this whole thing.  Really get the man and his campaign’s zeitgeist.  Something better than your average campaign bumper sticker.  And they are oh so lucky that I live in Texas and have the Photoshop chops to give them just what they need.

Behold…the new and incredible…Bill White campaign poster!

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Posted by on July 13, 2010 in bill white, blogs, media, politics


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