Cinderella Story

06 May

The Tim Burns’ saga is truly something to behold.  

 Here’s a guy, a businessman never before in politics, on the verge of taking the Congressional seat once held by John Murtha.  Latest polls put him up by 6.

Burns was simply an ordinary citizen, like you and me, who had finally had enough of Washington’s insanity and decided that the only way to fix the problem was to get elected into Congress and fix it himself.  He’s well spoken, unapologetically conservative and doesn’t sidestep the tough issues of the day, actually vowing to repeal Obamacare and hoping to get Roe v. Wade overturned.

The boys over at PJTV’s Trifecta tell the story well.

(just a quick sidebar about PJTV…you may need to sign up to watch but it’s free and it’s easy)

Tim outshone his opponent, Mark Critz, in a televised debate last night.  Critz came off as the typical, cynical Washington insider, seeming flippant and disingenuous, very much in the mold of the modern day Democrats in Congress.  This will not serve Mr. Critz well, as Americans have had it up to their eyeteeth with dismissive, arrogant politicians.

There was a noticeable absence of laughter after Critz’s line about not raising taxes on anybody but Tim Burns.

You can watch the hour long debate here…

The fellow from the OTHER political Cinderella story, Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts, is scheduled to campaign for Tim shortly, as is another great conservative, Rep. Mike Pence from Indiana.

Go pay a visit.  They’ve got a little money bomb thing going on right now and could use your support to make sure they can buy plenty of airtime to combat the barrage of money coming in from Nancy Pelosi. 

Plus, you can sign up to do phone banking from home.  It’s easy and it helps and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

And as Bill Whittle says in that Trifecta piece, Democrats know they’re about to have their lunches handed to them and they’re running scared.  Just ask David Obey.

Keep a close eye on this race.  The election is less than two weeks away, on May 18th.  What a breath of fresh air it will be to have someone like Mr. Burns in Washington after the inglorious years of Democrat corruption under Speaker Pelosi.

It would be criminal to bring up the phrase Cinderella Story without including this classic.


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