$13 trillion in, it’s time to stop the crazy spending

26 Jan

Is this a joke? In his Wednesday SOTU (the state of the union is strongly sick of Obama) President Obama is proposing a spending freeze.  Riiiiight.   I guess the Bank of Beijing really did cut off the youngster’s credit card.  But always check the fine print on any Obama promise.  They tend to mean something other than what you think they mean (they also have a tendency to expire without warning).

It only applies to “non-security” discretionary spending, so the Pentagon is safe for the time being. But to put that $250 billion over 10 years in context, remember: We’re now running monthly deficits of upwards of $200 billion.

In other words, it don’t mean squat.  And he’ll still ram that insanely expensive health care boondoggle through if he catches us napping.

Update: It turns out that President Obama is the John Kerry of the spending freeze: He was against it before he was for it.

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Posted by on January 26, 2010 in politics


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