Little Green Dictator

23 Jan

The NYT – bastion of the MSM’s leftward narratives – profiles Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs infamy.  Johnson, once a blog star on the right, has denounced all his friends, banned all commenters who disagree with him, called everyone who’s interested in fighting jihad “racists” and worse, and attempted to become a blog star on the left.  The left would be wise to avoid embracing him.

But why is Johnson of interest to the NYT now?  He was far more relevant in 2004, when he helped expose Rathergate.  These days, LGF is a sort of blog version of North Korea, in which only one opinion is allowed air and all others are snuffed out.  Perhaps LGF is of interest now because the NYT can play up what it headlines the “Right-Wing Flame War!”  It’s a great headline if you want to portray – or start – or re-start – an actual blog war on the Right.

Problem is, LGF is no longer on the Right.  Though he allied with the rightwing blogs back in his heyday, he was always a man of the Left.  Thus, his current totalitarian tactics are nothing more than a trip home for Charles Johnson.  But don’t count on the NYT to explain that.

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