23 Jan

The mainstream media narrative is simple: left good, right bad.  We’ve seen that over the past year in the way the media treats activism on the left vs the way it treats activism on the right.  When the left takes to the streets, by default they’re ordinary folks expressing justified anger or resistance to some government policy (usually, the basic government policy of defending its people via military action).  When the right takes to the streets to protest government health care takeovers, or to protect the right to life, the media either calls them names (“teabaggers”) or minimizes their driving issue.  Or, the MSM will let the right’s protesters’ enemies define them.  When pro-lifers march, the MSM runs straight to the National Organization of Women for comment, knowing full well that NOW’s agenda is to belittle and marginalize pro-lifers.

This blog is aimed at disrupting these media narratives.  It should be fun.

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Posted by on January 23, 2010 in media


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